There are various repetitive tasks that businesses perform every day for the smooth functioning. These tasks are time-consuming and, in the long run, lead to lowering productivity. Therefore, it is necessary to have a solution to enhance business efficiency. For this purpose, Microsoft has designed power automation that helps manage and simplify repetitive tasks. However, to use this web service, a person needs relevant skill sets and a power automate certification.

Power automation assists in managing functional flow with minimum or no requirement to develop codes. A few functions of this service include:

  • Transferring data between systems.
  • Setting reminders.
  • Automating operations from a local device.
  • Supporting information from an API.

Features of Power Automate Software

As mentioned above, power automate helps simplify repetitive tasks. It has a user-friendly interface and template, making it easy to execute daily. Other features of this web service are:

  • Easy navigation to perform activities like downloading email attachments and automation of tweets.
  • Seamless flow of organizational activities.
  • Ease during sending and receiving notifications.

Having relevant knowledge and skills is necessary to use all these features efficiently. As per the recent notification by Microsoft, developers need to pass the exam to earn power automate certification.

Exam you Need to Qualify for Power Automate Certification

To earn this certification, you need to pass the PL 500 exam conducted by Microsoft. This exam measures your expertise and knowledge in certain skills. 

The table below demonstrates all the details of the PL 500 exam:

Duration of the exam

50 minutes

Total number of questions

40-60 questions

Passing marks


Examination fee

$165 USD


English, Chinese (Simplified), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), German, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese 

Skills Measured During PL 500 Exam

The exam measures your skills in broadly three areas. These are mentioned below in detail:

Design Solution

This topic has a weightage of 25% to 30% in the exam and tests your ability to use the applications meant for automation. It will test your skills in the following areas:

  • Determine if an application is feasible for automation.
  • Plan payload, connection, and other data for required APIs.
  • Select the ideal automation technology for the target application.
  • Verify access for the given application.

Develop Solution

Weightage of this section during the exam ranges between 40% to 45%. Here, your skill and knowledge to create core solution components are tested through the following:

  • Developing custom connectors
  • Creating components for performing business logic and transaction procedures.
  • Providing components to launch, connect, and validate the application.
  • Executing actions for application integration.
  • Developing modules that get external APIs to perform actions.
  • Developing components to exit and close a given application safely.
  • Using system commands to execute personalized scripts and alter the target screen resolution.
  • Use Power Automate's mobile app, Microsoft Visio, and other tools to construct flows.
  • Run Microsoft Office scripts using Power Automate operations.

Deploy and Manage Solutions

This section tests your skill in configuring solution infrastructure. Additionally, its weightage in the exam is around 30 % to 35%. To score good marks, you must validate your abilities for the following:

  • Design machine management options, such as machine groups and registration.
  • Implement alerts and logging.
  • Put queue management into practice to spread workloads.
  • Develop and use role-based access control or RBAC.
  • Use a data gateway to connect to on-premises data.
  • Decide whether to apply tenants-level or environment-level data loss prevention (DLP) rules.
  • Utilise Azure Key Vault to manage credentials.
  • Enact Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies and other measures to safeguard private and sensitive information.

Who is Eligible for Power Automate Certification Exam

If you are seeking to demonstrate your expertise in robotic process automation, you need to pursue this certification. However, you must be able to examine solution requirements and design, troubleshoot, and check solutions to be eligible for the PL-500 exam. Additionally, this certification may be helpful if you are a developer with experience utilizing power automate to integrate legacy and modern systems and streamline corporate operations.


Power automate certification is an expert-level exam and an excellent way to get the necessary training and hands-on experience to use automation services. However, if you are planning to enter the IT industry, you must consider getting the entry-level MCSA certification. Further, you can gradually upgrade yourself to take up more challenging and reputed job roles.